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Military Medical Insurance

The Military Medical Insurance (MMI) was established by the Law No 23/2005 of 12/12/2005 determining its organization and functioning.

The main purpose of the MMI is to uplift the welfare of its members by providing the medical insurance within the country to the members of the Rwanda Defence Force and their immediate families.

The Ministry of Defence supervises the MMI. It has legal personality and financial autonomy.

The MMI headquarter is located in the city of Kigali.


The MMI overall mission is to guarantee high quality health care to its beneficiaries in accordance with the norms in force in the Rwanda Health system.


• To ensure access to high quality health care services to its beneficiaries.

• To ensure cost effectiveness of services provided by its partners.

• To ensure good management of the medical insurance scheme.


Main achievements include:

• establishment of members’ data base.

• access to almost all health facilities in the country.

• accumulation of financial reserves.

• investment in various business ventures.


• Construction of a modern administrative building.

• Refining the existing system to prevent possible fraud.

• Computerisation of the system.