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Procurement Unit


Based on presidential Order No 19/07/2004 establishing public procurement procedures, the Ministry of Defence established a procurement organ referred to as ‘Military Tender Board’ (MTB) on 03/03/2005. According to the Minister’s Instruction No 001/05, the MTB was composed of two organs, namely: The Board and the Secretariat. Establishing the MTB by the Ministry of Defence aimed at organizing and managing procurement process in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Presently, the Law No 12/2007 of 27/03/2007 on Public Procurement requires procuring entities to establish procurement units and tender committees. Besides, the Ministerial Order No 001/08/10/MIN of 15/01/2008 establishing regulations on public procurement and standard bidding documents determines responsibilities of the tender committees. Transparency; competition; economy; efficiency; fairness and accountability are the fundamental principles governing the public procurement process.

To implement the above legislations, the Ministry of Defence has appointed a Tender Committee with a mandate of three years renewable only once. The tender committee is composed of seven members including the Chairperson, Vice-chairperson while the procurement officer is its secretary.


The Tender Committee is mainly responsible for:

• Opening and evaluation of bids as well as making recommendations for the award of contracts. The resolutions of the tender committee are valid when at least three fifth (3/5) members of the committee are present for the purpose.

• Makes a bids opening report immediately after their opening. It also makes a brief report on the bid evaluation comprising the evaluation process and comparison of bids that is signed by all committee members present.

The Secretary General who is the MOD Budget Manager is empowered by the law to approve reports of the Tender Committee and sign the awarded contracts.


The Procurement Unit of the Ministry of Defence is referred to as the Procurement office and carries out the following functions as provided by the referenced Ministerial Order No 001/08/10/MIN:

• Procurement planning

• Preparation of bidding document

• Publication and distribution of invitations to bid

• Receipt and safe keeping of bids

• Obtaining approvals for the award recommendations from competent authorities