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The Ministry

Mission Statement


The mission of the Ministry of Defence is the conduct of defence in terms of protecting Rwanda’s interests, territorial integrity, vital resources, her people and shared values under the ambit of the Constitution and International Law.


The overall goal of the Ministry of Defence is to generate, employ and sustain combat-ready, integrated and rapidly deployable Defence Force, capable of quick assemblage to meet varying contingencies both at home and abroad.


• Determining the extent to which the nation’s strategic interests may be defended especially when it involves possible employment of the Defence Force, and advise government accordingly;

• Designing defense policies, strategies and programs in support of the national security goals;

• Providing clear and timely strategic guidance on the participation of the RDF in conflict prevention, crisis management, peace support operations and combating terrorism;

• Providing resources in a way that ensures enhancement of national defence capability and professionalism in the general conduct of defence;

• Participating in building and maintaining trust amongst other nations. The MoD seeks to implement this through defence diplomacy, and to play an effective role in support of regional and international organizations.

Organisation Structure

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