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Rwanda Land Force Headquarters
P.O Box 85 Kigali - Rwanda
Phone: +250 575753
Fax: +250 574118

The Land Force is one of the three services comprising the RDF. It evolved from the RPA and integrated elements of the EX-FAR. The Land Force is a pivot service to the RDF operational effectiveness.

The Land Force is structured and designed to accomplish operations on its own and in conjunction with the Rwanda Air Force. It also develops and maintains capacity to operate in special environments.

                                         MISSION STATEMENT 

The primary mission of the Army Service is to provide combat-ready, multi-skilled Force to play a leading role in sustaining a credible, joint landward defence capability.


To accomplish its mission, the Rwanda Army is organized into six elements: Combat Units; Combat Support Units; Combat Service Support Units; Special Units and Service Schools.

 Presidential Order determining the organisation and responsibilities of each of the military services of Rwanda Defence Forces.Nº 33/01 of 03/09/2012  (From page 1 up to 49 ). Read the following document in PDF/