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RDF Special Operations Forces donate blood as part of Army Week activities


On 6 May 2017, RDF Special Operations Forces (SoF) Brigade military personnel donated their blood to the Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC).The activity was carried out at the Bigogwe SoF barracks, in Nyabihu District.

As it was explained by the SoF Brigade Commander, Brig Gen Innocent Kabandana, the blood donation was organised in the framework of the ongoing Army Week activities countrywide, aiming at uplifting socio-economic development of Rwanda and welfare of citizens in general. “We have organized this activity to contribute to the Army Week, as RDF is currently engaged in different activities that include infrastructure development, agricultural and environmental protection activities and free medical services”, Brig Gen Kabandana noted.   “We feel that blood donation is a human activity and good culture to adopt in order to save the lives of people” he added.  He also emphasized that winning the battle of Liberating the country was one thing, but that it was not enough, since “RDF has also the responsibility of contributing to national development”.

Mukamazimpaka Alexia from Rwanda Biomedical Center commended Rwanda Defence Force for the good example to other citizens. “We collect blood from Rwanda Defence Force at least every 3 months; this is a commitment they have made.  It is a huge contribution to National Blood stock that can now satisfy blood demand from all hospitals across the country.

During the  blood donation in Bigogwe SoF Camp, 387 Blood Units were collected.