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Kigali, 3 May 2017

1.    Ahead of the 23rd Liberation Day Celebration (on 04 July 2017), Rwanda Defence Force (RDF), in collaboration with other government institutions, has organized a Special Army Week from 04 May to July 2017. Important partners in the upcoming Special Army Week include; MoH, MINALOC, MININFRA, MINEDUC, MINAGRI, MIGEPROF AND MYICT.

2.    The current Special Army Week will cover a variety of activities aiming at uplifting Rwandan People’s lives, especially the lives of the most vulnerable. The Army Week planned activities countrywide will include- among others- the following:

       a.    Offering Free Medical services in Orthopedics, Dental, ENT, Ophthalmology & Gynecology),
       b.     Rehabilitation of 18 bridges and 01 feeder road.
       c.      Marshland and hillsides farming,
       d.      Construction of water access point/ facilities,
       e.      Construction/rehabilitation of shelter,
       f.       Construction/rehabilitation of classrooms and sanitation structures,
       g.      Environmental protection campaign, and
       h.      Access to energy using Off Grid Solar installations.

3.    Free medical services in particular will be offered in all Districts at the following Hospitals and Health Centers: Shyira, Gisenyi, Ruhengeri, Butaro, Nemba, Rutongo, Byumba, Muhororo, Murunda, Kibuye, Kirinda, Kibogora, Gihundwe, Bushenge, Munini, Kigeme, Kaduha, Kibilizi, CHUB, Kabutare, Nyanza, Ruhango, Kabgayi, Remera-Rukoma in Kamonyi, Nyamata, Rwamagana, Kibungo, Kirehe, Gahini, Rwinkwavu, Kiziguro, Ngarama, Nyagatare, Kibagabaga, Rwanda Military Hospital, Masaka, and CHUK.

4.    As provided in the following guidance from the Commander-in-Chief, H.E Paul KAGAME: “The battle for liberation did not stop at the victory over tyranny and stopping the genocide against the Tutsi”; the RDF remains committed to the liberation struggle, this time in the form of human security and specifically transforming Rwandans’ lives.

                                                                              Rene Ngendahimana
                                                                              Lt Col
                                                                              Def&Mil Spokesperson