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Rwanda Peacekeepers in Darfur hand over newly constructed Jugu Jugu Primary School

Darfur, 10 September 2015

Rwanda Peacekeepers serving under the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNAMID) handed over a newly constructed primary school to the Community of Jugu Jugu Primary School on 10 September 2015.

Jugu Jugu Primary School situated in El Fasher Town, Darfur in Sudan can accommodate over 400 pupils. The project was sponsored by UNAMID and implemented by Rwanda Peacekeepers deployed in Sector North Darfur as part of the Mission’s Quick Impact Projects programme. The project included construction and rehabilitation of classroom blocks, construction of an administrative block, latrines, fence and underground water tank.

On behalf of the Rwandan Peacekeepers, the Contingent Commander, Col Happy Ruvusha noted that construction of the primary school and other initiatives by Rwanda peacekeepers play an important role in representing Rwandan values. “The purpose and values of our efforts is always to realise peace wherever it is needed”, he said.

Besides the mandated tasks of peacekeeping, the Rwandan Contingent in Darfur supports the local population by engaging in developmental projects funded by the UNAMID through Quick Impact Projects (QIPs) that make a difference for the citizens in their daily lives.

 Col Happy Ruvusha underlined that the Facility handed over to the community will shape the Youth of Jugu Jugu Village through skills development and contribution to local community development in particular and the nation in general.

The local population expressed their satisfaction and thanked UNAMID and Rwandan peacekeepers in particular for their efforts in bringing lasting peace in Darfur.

The Guest of Honour Yussuf Adil Abdel Ishag who represented the Ministry of Education at the primary school handover ceremony thanked the Peacekeepers for the great job well done for the well constructed Jugu Jugu School.

“The great work that you Rwandans have done here is exceptional because this school was too old to be used, but today our students have a new school as you can all witness”, he said. The old school was first constructed in 1946.

On behalf of the UNAMID leadership, the Sector Commander, Brig General Amgad Morsi who presided over the handover ceremony of the School commended the courage and tireless efforts of Rwanda Peacekeepers. “People of Jugu Jugu you need to praise Rwanda Peacekeepers so much for this school; it is very beautiful”. “They have given their mind and strength to bring the school to be where it is today”, he said.

The handover was attended by delegations from the Sudanese Government, UNAMID Officials and local population at a colourful ceremony at Jugu Jugu Primary School