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RDF Peacekeepers and Rwandan Community conduct end of Month Umuganda in South Sudan

Juba, 29 August 2015
Rwanda Defence Force Peacekeepers serving in the United Nations Mission in South Sudan together with Rwandan community in South Sudan were joined by Citizens of GUDELE MUNUKI PAYAM in conducting end of month Umuganda (community work) at GUDELE Police station on 29 August 2015. The Umuganda was aimed at introducing to the local population the benefits of umuganda, as one of Rwanda's home grown solutions in rebuilding the Nation.

The Participants to this community work cleaned and cleared bushes on two hectares at GUDELE Police Station in Juba, South Sudan.
The Peacekeepers   launched construction of South Sudan National Police of a five room latrine block at GUDELE Police station Block 5 as one of the Civil- Military Cooperation Activity to GUDELE MUNUKI PAYAM.The project is sponsored by UNMISS and GIZD through Quick Impact Projects initiative.

After the community work, Rwanda Contingent Commander, Lt Col Muvunyi explained to the participants that Umuganda community work was a regular monthly voluntary community activity to contribute to national development. “It helps us to build our nation and I encourage you to do the same. Thank you for your effort today", he advised.

The Chair person of GUDELE MUNUKI PAYAM Mr. Emmanuel Clement thanked the Rwandan Battalion on behalf of the residents that participated in Umuganda for initiating such community work and project of ablutions construction. He urged the Police to take full ownership of the project.

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