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Rwanda peacekeepers in Darfur donate a water tank to the community of Salam IDP Camp

Zalingei, 4 November 2015
Rwanda Peacekeepers in Central Sector Zalingei - Darfur on 04 November 2015 donated a water tank to the community of Salam IDP Camp in order to solve the problem of water the community face in their daily life.
The tank that has the capacity of containing 2,000 Lts of water will serve eight hundred people that previously used to travel about 10 km to fetch for water, where ladies could be raped by unknown gunmen. Rwanda peacekeepers will provide the needed water to fill the tank.

According to the Commanding Officer of Rwanbatt42, Lt Col Venant Bizimungu, the water tank was bought out of financial contribution from each of the Rwanda Peacekeepers serving in Central Sector Zalingei.  

After handing over the water tank to the community, the Commanding Officer, in his address told the community that the water tank came from contribution of Rwandan soldiers empathizing with the plight of the community and therefore requested everyone to benefit from it.
“Even if it is a small contribution, this tank came from the kindheartedness of Rwandese soldiers you live with here. It will benefit each and everyone in this village; be it elders, students, teachers” he said. “Protect it jealously”, he added. The water tank is established in a school earlier constructed by Rwanda peacekeepers in 2012 with UNAMID support.

Speaking on behalf of the Community, Sheikh Adam Adum Muhamadi expressed gratitude to Rwanda Peacekeepers and said “the water tank will enable us to have clean water without traveling many kilometers”.
Besides the mandated tasks of peacekeeping, Rwandan peacekeepers engage in community work and projects that impact on local community’s lives in peacekeeping areas.

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