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Rwanda Peacekeepers in Bangui conduct community work for mobilisation

Bangui, 04 February 2016

Rwanda Peacekeepers (Rwabatt2) serving in the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) conducted community work in Bangui to mobilise local population of Quartier Senegalais to return home after a period of insecurity.

The community work on 4 February, focused mainly on bush clearing and removal of debris in the 5th District of Bangui City at the district’s office in Quartier Senegalais and its surroundings.

The Peacekeepers noted that local population fled the area due to insecurity since 26 September 2015, the Mayor’s Office was not operational, the area was unpopulated but now the general area of Quartier Senegalais is well secure.

“We conducted this community work to mobilise local population to return home and motivate local leaders to come back in their respective offices”.

In addition to other tasks mainly the provision of security and close protection of the CAR President, the Central Bank (BEAC) among others, RWABATT 2 is responsible of the security of 3rd and 5th Districts by conducting regular day and night patrols to ensure the freedom of movement of local population and MINUSCA Personnel.

After the community work, the Mayor of 5th District Mr YECHO Alain stated that he appreciated Rwanda Defence Force efforts (RWABATT 2) in restoring peace and security in the District but most importantly that after a long period of insecurity, MINUSCA embarked has embarked on development activities like community work.

He requested MINUSCA Officials to help his people with construction materials to rehabilitate their damaged houses.

Commandant ABDERRAHIM  EL BOUQA who was representing MINUSCA at the event told the CAR youths who joined the RDF in umuganda that he was happy for their collaboration with RWABATT 2 in restoring peace, security and respect of institutions;  a cornerstone for security.

Major Samuel KALIMUKIZA of RWABATT 2 told the youth and local leaders that the RDF battalion has always appreciated their good collaboration especially in information sharing to minimize criminal acts.  He promised a continued support in restoring peace and security of the District. He emphasized and requested the youth from the 5th District to maintain discipline for a brighter future.