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Rwanda Peacekeepers Level Two Hospital in Central African Republic conducts medical outreach for Bria Residents

Bangui, 29 May 2016

RDF Medics belonging to the Rwanda Level II Hospital under the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA), from 20-29 May conducted medical outreach activities in Bria City, Haute Kotto, in Eastern Province, the Central African Republic (CAR). The activities were conducted in partnership with the CAR Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, to mark the International Day of UN Peacekeepers, celebrated every year on 29 May.

The free medical services that were offered to population included vaccination against measles (known also as rubeola) to more than 3500 children; medical consultations services to vulnerable population; support to the Regional and University Hospital of Bria with Specialists Doctors expertise, X-rays a well as Ultrasound teaching sessions.

The Rwanda Level II Hospital also donated scholastic materials to 250 pupils of Dandulu School and conducted community work dubbed “Keep Bria Clean”, by clearing bushes and cleaning the Bria City surroundings as well as hygiene public awareness.

The outreach activities were witnessed by The Governor of Eastern Province, Mr Yvon Serges Lessene and the MINUSCA Sector East Head of Office, Mr OUMAR BA. The two officials congratulated RWANDA Level II Hospital Staff for their effort to bring peace and support to the vulnerable people. 

“Those young students and young children supported would be the leaders of tomorrow”, the Governor said in a tone of appreciation. Mr LESSENE also appreciated RWANDA leadership for setting example of self-reliance where people may come from the hell, stand up and today are able to portray a brilliant image to the world by supporting the Central African population.

In his remarks, Lt Col Dr King Kayondo, Rwanda Level II Commanding Officer, highlighted the commitment of the Hospital Staff to support the MINUSCA and the local population in health sector. ''We want to work closely with all stakeholders to support as much as we can the improvement of the local health care”, Lt Col Dr Kayondo told participants to the International Day of UN Peacekeepers Celebration in Bria.  

Throughout the vaccination campaign, about 700 children aged between 06 months to 10 years were vaccinated on daily basis. The last measles vaccination campaign in Bria was conducted in 2005.





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