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MINUSCA Head Office commends Rwanda Level Two Hospital

Ambassador Christine Kapalata has hailed Rwanda Level Two hospital serving under United Nations United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) for its standard in terms of medical equipment and personnel. She made the comment after touring the Hospital at Bria on 12 April 2017 in Bria, Eastern Central African Republic.
“I am happy with the high standard of Rwanda Level two hospital equipped with high standard professional equipment, but this doesn’t surprise me because what Rwanda’s leadership commits to do, it does it successfully. This ensured me that the UN Staff serving here receives high quality of health care”, she commented in the visitor’s book at Rwanda Level Two Hospital Headquarter.

Under the United Nations standards, Level Two Hospital should have the capacity of treating up to 40 ambulatory out patients per day, provide three intensive care beds, stabilize and evacuate a casualty for evacuation to the next level of medical care among others.

The Commandant of Rwanda Level two hospital in MINUSCA, Col Dr John Byimana after a guided tour of the hospital different services, presented to Ambassador Kapalata the committed team of medical personnel of Rwanda Level two Hospital providing health care to MINUSCA Peacekeepers and UN staff in CAR.

The visit of the UN Head Office in Eastern CAR ended with planting a souvenir tree at Rwanda Level Two Hospital in Bria, Central African Republic.

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