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Rwandan Peacekeepers constructed a nursery school in Darfur

Darfur, 20 May 2017

Rwandan Peacekeepers serving under the United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) together with UNAMID Queen of Peace Catholic Parish members inaugurated and handed over GUBBA pre-school constructed for Darfur community on 20 May 2017. The school that can accommodate over 200 Children is located at El Nasrudar village in El-Fasher Town in the Republic of Sudan.

The project was sponsored by UNAMID Queen of peace Catholic Parish members and implemented by Rwandan battalion Peacekeepers (Rwanbatt50) deployed in Sector North Darfur as part of Mission’s Quick Impact Projects programme. The School comprises of two classrooms, one Staff office, four latrines and a fence. The whole project is valued to 15000$.

In his Remarks, The Guest of Honor Vicar General in The Diocese of El Obeid Fr Peter Suleiman thanked the UNAMID Peacekeepers for their contribution in education of children in Region of Darfur. He thanked Rwandan peacekeepers for their exceptional participation in the implementation of this project because this school was destroyed, but today the students have got a newly built school as everybody in this community can witness. He noted that peace doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of war but the development therefore the recognition of the development of children’s education. 

On behalf of UNAMID Representative, The Head Office of Sector North Ambassador Hassan Gibrill congratulated the Rwandan peacekeepers for this wonderful project completed and handed over to Darfur Community. He underlined that this Inauguration and handover is truly a memorable occasion with emphasis on collaborative efforts and working together for the common objective of developing educational infrastructure within local community in Darfur region.
“This is vital instrument in difficult but rewarding role to peace that all of us have embraced” said Ambassador Hassan Gibrill.

The Representative of El-fasher community Abdallah Mukhitar Habis said that to rebuild this school was a big problem to them because they didn’t have resources to reconstruct GUBBA Pre-school but now they are happy because they have got what seemed to be impossible in the past.
“We know that educating children contribute a lot in building a good society” said Abdallah. In concluding his speech he thanked all people who contributed to the construction of GUBBA Pre-school especially to Rwandan peacekeepers.

The event was attended by the Vicar –General of Diocese of El Obeid, UNAMID officials, peacekeepers and local Authorities.

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