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RDF trains South Sudanese, assists in community work

Malakal & Juba

Rwandan peacekeepers of Rwanbatt-2 (RDF 71 Infantry Battalion) serving under the United Mission South Sudan (UNMISS) in Malakal (North South Sudan) organised and conducted a four-month vocational training in carpentry, brick laying for 91 youth and shared skills in construction of energy saving stoves with 60 women.

On the other hand, in Juba and under the same UN mission, Rwanbatt-3 Peacekeepers (RDF 67 Infantry Mechanized Battalion) joined the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to clean up their camp and its surroundings.

In the above peacekeeping mission as well as all other RDF supported UN missions, Rwandan troops have brought initiatives aimed at not only contributing to physical security but also addressing pressing issues of human security as the bedrock of sustainable peace. Initiatives such as firewood patrols, construction of energy saving stoves, construction of schools and health centres fall into this category.

Currently, Rwanda is the 2nd biggest TCC in support of UN PSO and RDF maintains 5 Infantry Battalions, a Mechanised Infantry Battalion, a Mechanized Infantry Battle Group, an Aviation Unit and a Level II hospital serving under UNAMID, UNMISS and MINUSCA with a total of 5,342 military personnel.

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