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The Reserve Force refers to a part-time military service of the Rwanda Defence Forces that may be recalled whenever necessary to operate alongside the active services.

                                         MISSION STATEMENT 

The primary responsibility of the Reserve Force is to provide reserve units and individuals to stand ready to support and augment the Rwanda Defences Force active services when called upon under partial or total mobilisation.


To accomplish its mission, the Reserve Force shall be composed of Rwandan nationals who voluntarily join this service. It shall be comprised of an Infantry Reserve, and a Specialist Reserve.

 Presidential Order determining the organisation and responsibilities of each of the military services of Rwanda Defence Forces. Nº 33/01 of 03/09/2012 (From page 1 up to 49 ). Read the following document in PDF/ Kanda aha hakurikira usome itegeko muri PDF .RDF Reserve Force (From Page 14-21)