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One of the most important steps in the process of modernization that Rwanda Defence Force has accomplished during the last years has been the incorporation of women and girls in the Army.
·    The process started back during our liberation struggle in which women significantly participated in combat operations and other related services. Promotions and appointments of women in RDF are done according to the laws, policies and regulations guiding the armed forces. Incorporation of women in RDF is in line with the constitutional obligations of inculcating gender in all sectors of the national life

·    It is on this background that RDF introduced a Gender program in 2007 in order to promote human security through fostering a society where women and Men share roles and responsibilities in achieving equality and respect.

·    The program was also meant to create awareness within communities on gender equality; Gender based violence for better prevention and response of the scourge.  The RDF mission of advancing human security, peace building and development requires personnel with stable and harmonious families

·    Like other members of the society, there are military families which live in a state of conflict. This of course, is likely to have consequences to individuals and the institution in general. It is on this note that RDF Gender desk was established in order to play a significant role in resolving conflicts for safer military homes.


The RDF Gender desk objectives include:

·    To promote Gender equality, equity and women’s empowerment in armed forces and the community in general.

·    To combat GBV in Rwandan communities

·    To prevent and respond to HIV AIDS as a consequences of GBV.

·    To encourage Rwandan Women to play a significant role in decision – making processes.

·    To increase female personnel in RDF.


RDF Gender desk is to create awareness within the Armed Forces and the Communities in general regarding gender equality and women’s rights in order to combat GBV.