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Coordination of response to Disaster is a responsibility of the Office of the Prime Minister. The MoD using RDF capabilities is the lead agency in offering credible response to major disasters. For example: earthquakes; volcanic eruption; major fire outbreaks; locust invasion; excessive drought conditions affecting faun; etc… during which the RDF uses land and air capabilities to augment other agencies in reversing the situations.

One of the examples

:: On Sunday February 3, at 09:35’ AM local time, just after the 2008 Lake Kivu earthquake shook several countries in Africa’s Great Lakes region.

:: The National Police and RDF military personnel deployed in Rusizi and Nyamasheke Districts together with local citizens were the first to rescue the affected people before the arrival of a team consisting of disaster experts from the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Defence and that of Local Government dispatched from Kigali to assist the victims.

:: As regards the impact of the earthquake, 37 people in Western province of Rwanda and 7 people in Bukavu province in DR Congo were reported dead and at least 900 people were seriously injured and several building collapsed in both countries.

:: More than 250 wounded in Rusizi and Nyamasheke Districts were airlifted to King Fayçal Hospital, Kanombe Military Hospital and Kigali University Hospital (CHUK) for further treatment.

:: This Earthquake measured 5.9 on the moment magnitude scale according to the United States Geological Survey and lasted about 15 seconds. Its 10 kilometres (6 mi) depth epicentre location was at 2.314° S 28.896° E, 20 kilometres east of Bukavu province in the DRC, near the localities of Kavumu and Birava.