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Besides its responsibility in safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity, the RDF participates in activities contributing to national development. One of such activities is community work.

Community work covers activities like feeder roads, environmental conservation, cleaning neighbourhoods, fighting soil erosion, assisting vulnerable groups and others. The RDF participates in these activities in partnership with the general public.

Below is one of the examples:

Like other RDF Units, 211 Brigade collaborated with Kigali Independent University students, Gisenyi Campus to participate in planting trees on Rubavu hill with the objective of planting at least 40 000 seedlings as part of the plan to fight against erosion and protect environment.

In an interview with Ingabo Magazine, the Vice-Rector and the Bde Commander had this to say:

“Besides planting trees, we have been collaborating with soldiers in other activities like sports, ICT training, different languages (English and French), exchanging knowledge and so on”, said Nkurunziza Jean Pierre, the academic Vice Rector of ULK campus of Gisenyi. He added that their students and 211 Brigade mobilize neighboring population in implementing government policies aimed at poverty reduction.

On the other hand, Col Wilson Kazungu, the Commander 211 Brigade said "it’s very important to plant trees in order to fight deforestation, but we also collaborate with civilian agencies in different ways affecting national security".

The Brigade Commander commended the partnership and recommended it to other institutions of higher learning. He added "such collaboration will diminish barriers between Soldiers and civilians thus maintaining healthy civil-military relations"