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KICD: Africa Convention of Women in Security Organs

The International community has long recognised the importance of fully involving women and effectively participating in peace efforts for the maintenance and promotion of sustainable peace and security.


The UN Security Council has adopted seven Resolutions (“UNSCRs”) on Women Peace and Security. …Rwanda`s security Organs in partnership with the One-UN Rwanda launched the campaign in Kigali in October 2010 in high level international conference under the theme: “The Role of African Security Organs in Ending Violence Against Women and Girls”.

The conference was concluded with a proclamation and signing of the Kigali International Conference Declaration (KICD)….. The KICD is organizing the first ever ‘Regional Convention of Women in security Organs’ to be held from 28-29, November 2016 at the Kigali Convention Center. This Women Convention is in line with the implementation of the resolutions of the 5th KICD AGM held in Algiers-Algeria in March 2016.

The convention will coincide with the ‘16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.’ It is expected to bring together high ranking women in security organs across the region, experts in peace and security and other high level officials from governments, the UN Family, Civil Society Organisations and Development Partners. The convention is organized under the theme “Women’s impact in security: rethinking strategy”. More