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Genocide suspect 2Lt Henri J. Seyoboka arraigned before the Military Tribunal

On 1 December 2016, former Ex-FAR (Forces Armées Rwandaises) officer, 2Lt Henri Jean Claude Seyoboka, was presented before the Military Tribunal, in pre-trial detention hearing on Genocide against the Tutsi charges.Since 2Lt Seyoboka had been already sentenced in absentia in 2007 to 19 years of imprisonment; in today's hearing the Military Prosecution requested the Military Tribunal, in limine litis, to start by quashing the Gacaca ruling, as provided by the law.

 The defense didn't object to the request and after deliberation, the Military Tribunal ruled void the Gacaca decision and that the case in pre-trial detention against 2Lt Seyoboka should continue.

Then followed the Military Prosecution's summary of evidence and charges against suspect, which include Genocide, crimes against humanity, murder and rape, all committed between 1993-1994. The Prosecution went on requesting the Court to decide 30 days pre-trial detention for the suspect, given the gravity of charges against him and prima facie evidence that was presented to the court. 

2Lt Seyoboka and his Lawyer, Me Albert Nkundabatware rejected the charges and requested in turn for an immediate release of the suspect.

After listening to both sides, the Court concluded the hearing and decided that it would carefully examine their arguments and communicate its ruling on 5 December 2016.

2Lt Henri Jean Claude Seyoboka was recently deported by Canada for Genocide against the Tutsi and related crimes he is suspected for.