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Defence and Health Ministries launch blood donation campaign

Kigali, 13 Jan 2017

The Ministry of Defence in partnership with the Ministry of Health through the Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) have launched a blood donation campaign within Rwanda Defence Force (RDF).  The launching ceremony was held at Kanombe Military Barracks by the Minister of State in the Ministry of Health, in charge of Public health, Honorable Dr Patrick Ndimubanzi, accompanied by the RDF Chief of Defence Staff, Gen Patrick Nyamvumba.

Minister Ndimubanzi and the CDS set example by voluntarily donating blood themselves, and so did other present Generals, including Army and Air Force Chiefs of Staff. At Kanombe barracks, the blood collection exercise is expected to reach 1000 units.

In his key note address, Minister Ndimubanzi commended the RDF for their brave act of voluntarily donating blood meant for saving lives of Rwandan citizens. “This is yet another brave gesture of our Armed Forces, for giving blood is giving life”, the Minister of State said.

Minister Ndimubanzi further indicated that blood donation has increased by 15 per cent over the past three years, with 43,098 units collected in 2014, 53,438 in 2015 and 61,109 in 2016.
Surgeries, road accidents, cancer, pregnancy and women delivery-related complications, malaria were cited as among the most medical cases whose treatment require blood transfusion in the country.

The Acting Defence & Military Spokesperson Lt Col R Ngendahimana revealed to the media that although the RBC-RDF partrenship in blood donation was officially launched today, the campaign actually started last week at Rwanda Military Academy-Gako, where 238 blood units were collected.The exercise will also be conducted in other military barracks across the country, including Kami, Gabiro, Bigogwe and Mukamira.