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Rwanda Peacekeepers in South Sudan provide healthcare and school kits to Locals in South Sudan



On 28 January 2017, Rwanda Peacekeepers serving under United Nations Mission in South Sudan (Rwanbatt-1) together with the local population of Kapuri Basic School, the school leadership, teaching staff and students organized a community work to clean the school environment and provide health care to local population in Luri County, Jubek State.

The humanitarian activities conducted during the community work include; providing free medical service by de-worming 121 people, medical consultation, donating Vitamin A and clean water. 

The Peacekeepers also cleaned the classrooms, administrative blocks and School surroundings. They built a volleyball playground and donated school kits to Kapuri Basic Students that include 3000 Exercise books, 1200 pens, Volley Ball net and poles and two balls for Volley Ball.

Speaking at the Event, the Contingent Commander (Rwanbatt-1), Lt Col John Ndengeyinka thanked the local community members for having turned up, and most importantly the school and local leadership for having been cooperative in the planning of the community work.  He emphasised on the obligation of the local community in respect of the security and School facilities as it mainly belongs to them and called upon the population “take fully ownership of this school in your hands”, he advised Kapuri residents who turned in a big number to the community work conducted ahead of the academic year starting on 1February 2017.

Local Leader, Sultan Saverio WANNI, on behalf of the local population thanked UNMISS especially Rwandan contingent for their role of improving the learning environment of Kapuri School. 2. Kapuri Basic School was constructed by the UNMISS Rwandan Contingent in 2014 and inaugurated in early 2015.The school is located at 16 km west of UNMISS Tomping base camp in Luri County, Jubek State in South Sudan.