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APR Football Club visits and comforts Disabled Veterans of the Liberation War to mark the Heroes Day

Kigali, 31 January 2017

At the eve of National Heroes Day celebrations, members of Rwanda Patriotic Army Football Club (APR FC) joined Liberation War's Disabled Veterans living in Nyarugunga Village, Kicukiro District.

According to APR FC leadership, the visit meant for paying respect and recognition to all Rwandans who selflessly risked their lives to liberate Rwanda.

“We have come here to share with you our heartfelt recognition of the risks taken to liberate this country, to show you that we sympathise with your painful living conditions that resulted from the liberation struggle of Rwanda”, Jimmy Mulisa, APR FC Head Coach told the veterans.

On behalf of the war disabled veterans, Sgt Ndekezi John noted that the APR FC visit to their home village was a clear testimony of love to comfort them. “Your presence here today as we celebrate the Heroes Day is like a tablet administered to us to alleviate our pain. We thank you very much for the visit and wish you to be always characterised by teamwork spirit, discipline and heroism in the Football’s battle”, Sgt Ndekezi said.

During the visit, Members of APR FC offered some food stuffs and drinks to the visited Liberation War's Disabled Veterans, to celebrate with them the National Heroes Day.

The Heroes Day is celebrated every year on 1st February.