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Rwanda Military Hospital and Niboye Peace Village orphans remember Genocide against the Tutsi

Kicukiro, 21 Apr 2017

On 21 April 2017, Rwanda Military Hospital (RMH) employees along with Niboye Peace Village orphans conducted a walk to remember and to pay tribute to victims of Genocide against the Tutsi. The walk to remember started from IPRC Kicukiro, known as ETO Kicukiro, to Nyanza Genocide memorial where it ended.

Sofia Musabeyezu representing Ibuka Association explained that Nyanza genocide memorial is a symbol of how International Community abandoned Rwanda during the Genocide against the Tutsi. She underlined that just at the beginning of the killings, thousands of Tutsi from Gikondo, Remera and Kicukiro suburbs in Kigali city found refuge at ETO Kicukiro, then Headquarters for UN Forces, MINUAR. “After receiving order to quit Rwanda, UN Forces packed their belongings and left with their dogs,   abandoning the Tutsi who had come at ETO Kicukiro to seek for UN protection. It is that unfortunate UN forces departure that facilitated the death of the victims who were brutally killed by former Government armed forces and Interahamwe militia using grenades, fire arms, machetes, etc”, Musabeyezu sadly described.

After the walk to remember, RMH employees accompanied Niboye Peace village orphans  at their residence. Some of the orphans narrated the hard times they went through as young teenagers at that time when their parents and relatives had been killed. The orphans thanked Rwanda Patriotic Army that rescued them from the hands of the killers.

They expressed also gratitude to RMH that provide to them multifaceted  support, including medical care, moral support and advice. “We are very grateful to this kindness and feel comforted when we see how RMH employees get time to seat with us to remember our beloved ones”,  Hakizimana Innocent speaking on behalf of the 80 survivors who live at Niboye Peace Village said.

The Commandant of Rwanda Military Hospital, Brig Gen Dr. E Ndahiro emphasized that there is a need to remember the Genocide against the Tutsi to honor the victims and fight against the genocide ideology and denial. “When we remember and educate those who did not witness this tragedy, it is one way of keeping the memory of what happened and  remain vigilant so that no one can come and bring the country back to the bad history that we went through’’ he said. He promised continuous support to the orphans.

RMH gets time every year to pay visit to Niboye Peace Village orphans, as a sign of showing them love and solidarity.