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Minister of Defence inaugurates 32 affordable houses built by Reservists

Kicukiro, 25 May 2017

Hon Minister of Defence, General James Kabarebe has officiated the inauguration of 32 affordable houses built by a Rwanda Defence Force Reservists affiliated Company, ABADAHIGWA KU NTEGO Ltd. The inaugurated houses were constructed near Kabuga suburb, in Butangampundu village, Gako Cell, Masaka Sector, Kicukiro District.

In his key note address, Gen Kabarebe congratulated ABADAHIGWA KU NTEGO Ltd and other stakeholders for their collaborative efforts in availing such low cost houses.  In particular, Hon Minister of Defense commended the Veterans/Reservists for their continued commitment to national transformation and loyalty to the guidance of HE Paul Kagame on the national transformation he delivered back in 1992. "It is our Army (RPA) that will be the foundation of the transformation of our nation”, The Commander-in-Chief stated at that time.

The Minister further argued ABADAHIGWA KU NTEGO Ltd to keep it up, among other things avoiding any mismanagement of their assets and other differences that might hinder the development their Company. He also suggested the Company and other potential investors in this sector to think about the owners of the expropriated lands and make them Partners of the Project. “You should think and come up with a formula whereby the expropriated citizens can be given the opportunity of acquiring on the same land their own affordable house but in line with the City Master Plan”, Gen Kabarebe said.

All the 32 housing units (four-in-one) have already attracted clients: 13 of them have already been fully paid for, whereas 19 of them have been booked and certainly ready to be paid within a week. Each unit is worth 18.6 Million rwandan francs according to Willy Rukundo, Managing Director of ABADAHIGWA KU NTEGO Ltd. The three bedrooms affordable houses benefited from government subsidiaries especially Rwanda Housing Authority that made the houses really affordable. Those facilities include electricity, water, sewage, roads and other essential needs for decent and modern accommodation facilities.

ABADAHIGWA KU NTEGO Ltd is a Company limited by shares that was created by the Kigali Veterans Cooperative Society (KVCS) as the main shareholder. The Company mission focuses on creating a more human environment where poverty is alleviated by improving welfare of all reservists, the youth (through Iwawa rehabilitation Centre) and women through their different activities.  It is in this context that 60 young men and girls from Iwawa Youth rehabilitation Centre and vulnerable women were employed during the construction phase of the inaugurated affordable houses.