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Army week 2017 registers more than 120,000 citizens provided with free medical care

Kigali, 10 July 2017

In just one month and half of operations, the Army Week 2017 (officially launched countrywide on 04 May 2017) has registered tremendous achievements in all sectors of intervention. The Army Week is being conducted in partnership with other Government Institutions that include; MoH, MINALOC, MININFRA, MINEDUC, MINAGRI.

As a recap, the ongoing Army Week does mainly focus on the following activities, aiming at uplifting the welfare of Rwandans and contributing to the national development in general:  

Offering Free Medical services in Orthopedics, Dental, ENT, Ophthalmology & Gynecology specialties;

Rehabilitation bridges and feeder roads;

Marshland and hillsides farming;

Construction of water access point/ facilities;

Construction/rehabilitation of shelter for vulnerable families;

Construction/rehabilitation of classrooms and sanitation structures;

Environmental protection campaign; and

Access to energy using Off Grid Solar installations.

Army Week one month achievements 

In Medical,  11783 cases have been attended in Orthopedics; 28569 cases have been treated in Dental; 11798 cases have been treated in ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat); 38326 cases have been treated in Ophthalmology; 6000 cases have been attended in Gynecology; 121 cases have been treated in oral maxillo facial. The total number of patients treated from 2 May to 10 July 2017 is 119,994. About 12810 male circumcision cases have been performed; 10587 people have undergone VCT (voluntary counselling and testing) HIV sessions. Furthermore, 1368 blood Units were donated by RDF military personnel.

The above medical services have been provided at different Hospitals and Health Centres that include; Gisenyi, Ruhengeri, Butaro, Nemba, Muhororo, Murunda, Kibuye, Kirinda, Kibogora, Gihundwe, Bushenge, Munini, Kigeme, Kaduha, Kibilizi, CHUB, Kabutare, Nyanza, Ruhango, Kabgayi, Remera-Rukoma, Kibungo, Zaza, Kirehe, Gahini, Rwinkwavu, Kiziguro, Ngarama, Nyagatare, Masaka, Rwamagana, Burera, Rurindo, Nyanza, Ruhango, Nyarugenge, Gicumbi, Rutare, Gasabo-Kibagabaga, Kabuye, Muhanga-Kabgayi.

In infrastructure development and descent accommodation, thanks to Army Week 2017, up to now at least 400 bridges have been constructed or rehabilitated across the Country. About 384 Km of feeder roads have been rehabilitated.  

At least 2916 houses have been constructed/rehabilitated with 23 kitchens. 56 classrooms have been completed including 13 Nursery schools. Three (03) Health Posts  and 117 rooms for Health Counselors were constructed in Huye District and Eastern Province respectively.  About 35990 home toilets have been put in place to improve sanitation structures. About  40.4Km of clean water points were connected in Nyagatare, Nyanza, Rulindo and Huye plus one water tap constructed in Northern Province; Energy saving cook stoves (682) have been constructed in Rutsiro and one school fence was constructed at 750m. Six playing grounds have been rehabilitated in Northern and Western provinces.

In agriculture, marshland and hillsides farming, 5747 Ha have been cultivated; sweet potatoes cultivated at 93 Ha, vegetables planted at 26 Ha and 46,738 vegetable gardens were prepared. Terracing was done at 40 Ha, anti-erosive trenches rehabilitated at 23 Ha.

Other activities conducted include; Construction of 567 cow sheds and the successful fight against Armyworm outbreak on about 5616 Ha countrywide, fight against kirabiranya at 710 Ha, fight against cassava mosaic virus at 113 Ha, fight against soil erosion at 60 Ha, banana pruning at 549 Ha, fabrication of 124,022 bricks, coffee plantations rehabilitation at 375 Ha, 08 water dams constructed. Irrigation canals maintenance at 3.65 Ha and one nursery bed for tree planting was prepared, planting trees at 2 Ha and 20,05 Km of water canal was rehabilitated, nursery bed preparation (1).

The big turnout and active participation of the population are here very much appreciated. The same population, first beneficiaries of the Army Week activities, are urged to keep that team work spirit, which ultimately will drive them out of poverty.   

The Army Week 2017 Activities will continue until July 2017.