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EAC Commandants of Officer Cadet Training Schools meet in Rwanda

Gako, 20 June 2017

On 20 June 2017, Commandants of Officer Cadet Training Schools from East African Community Partner States' Armed Forces convened in their annual meeting at Rwanda Military Academy-Gako, Bugesera District.

The three day meeting is aimed at reviewing and synchronising trainings programs in EAC Military Academies.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the incoming Chair, Brig Gen Emmanuel MUSINGUZI (Uganda Military Academy Commandant) revealed the purpose of the meeting. “We meet here at Rwanda Miltary Acdemy-Gako today, to synchronize our syllabus and subjects so that we can come up with uniform training standards throughout East African Community”, Gen MUSINGUZI said.
"We are for example aiming at starting our training in July of every year. Some Member States have complied others haven't yet. So we keep on discussing to address individual States problems so that all come at the same level of training and duration”, added Brig Gen MUSINGUZI.

The Meeting will review the cooperation among EAC Armed Forces' Officer Cadet Training Academies and go through the recommendation of Chief Instructors' meeting, among others. Participants will also tour and assess Rwanda Military Academy Gako facilities.

Attending the Commandats Meeting are Maj Gen George Aggrey Owinow from Kenya, Col Fabian Tom MPAKA from Rwanda, Maj Gen Peter MASSAO from Tanzania, and Brig Gen Emmanuel MUSINGUZI from Uganda (chairperson).

Brig MUSINGUZI took over the chairmanship of the meeting form his  Tanzanian counterpart, Maj Gen Peter MASSAO.