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Rwanda Peacekeepers in Juba and Bangui mark National Liberation Day

Juba, 04 July 2017

Rwanda Peacekeepers serving under the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) together with Rwandan Community in the Republic of South Sudan were joined by friends and UN officials to mark the 23rd Anniversary of Rwanda Liberation Day on  4 July 2017.

In his remarks, the SRSG Mr. David Shearer commended Government of Rwanda’s good leadership and development after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. The UN Secretary General Special Representative mentioned good leadership, women empowerment, their rights and development.

He  also appreciated Rwanda Defence Force for the sacrifice and professionalism in the duties always given; with a pragmatic example, the SRSG Mr. David Shear testified about the Rwanbatt-2 (75 Inf Bn) company that saved citizens in the Aburoc  refugee camp that was under threat of cholera disease; 11 refugees died but 400 were saved.

He also appreciated the Rwanda National Police which operates in South Sudan how they do their best to keep peace and security in South Sudan.

On behalf of UNMISS Force Commander, Lt Gen FM Kamanzi, who was out of Juba, the Deputy Chief of Staff in charge of operations, Col Cooper Mujuni, said that Liberation Day was an opportunity to look back and assess how far Rwandans have come as they chart away their future. “The Peace and Security ushered in by the new era has made a tangible and positive difference in the lives of our people,” Col Mujuni said.

Liberation 23: Central African Republic

Rwandan Peacekeepers serving in Central African Republic under the Multidimensional Integrated Mission for stabilization in Central African Republican (MINUSCA) joined the rest of Rwandans to celebrate the 23rd Rwandan liberation day on 04 July 2017, at SOCATEL M’POKO, the Base camp for Rwanda peacekeepers.

The event was graced by Honorable Minister of Defence, Joseph YAKITE (in blue suit) commended Rwanda Peacekeepers in MINUSCA for their efforts and valuable activities. “You are extraordinary, you are our good friends, you helped us in difficult situation, and you are still with us, you never give up to make sure that peace is restored in CAR”, said the Minister.

He continued by thanking Rwandan government for its contribution to train CAR Army in order to be able to deal with its security challenges in the future. He also conveyed thanks to His Excellency Paul Kagame for his effective leadership and good relations he has with other parts of the world. “I wish this relationship will last forever between us and Rwanda”, he underscored.

Speaking at the event, the SRSG His Excellency Parfait Onyanga Anyanga, said that Rwandan peacekeepers should not at any time look themselves as Rwandan but as peacekeepers. “You do not have to see yourselves in a mirror of Rwanda because what we are doing here must be seen as a legacy of those who live in the contemporary world in which we live in today”, said the SRSG.

Col Zuberi Muvunyi, on behalf of Rwanda Peacekeepers shared the historical background of Rwanda and the Head of Rwandan community in CAR Pierre Celestin Bumbakare outlined the development of Rwanda after 23 years after 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

The event was attended by other dignitaries, including the Force Commander of MINUSCA Lt Gen Balla Keita, other MINUSCA staff and members of the Rwandan community living in Bangui.