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Rwandans urged to maintain security, youth wishes to join RDF

Gabiro, 13 July 2017


The President of the Republic of Rwanda and Commander in Chief of Rwanda Defence Force, HE Paul Kagame has urged Rwandans and youth in particular to play their part in maintaining security, the bedrock of national development. 


The Head of State delivered the message on 13 July 2017 during the closing ceremony of the 10th edition of the civic education (Itorero Ingangamirwa). The one month training, which had attracted more than 500 from the diaspora and local young men and women, was conducted at RDF Combat Training Centre.


“Security is the foundation of nation building, it is the foundation that allows a nation's transformation. Women and Men, we have all the obligation to contribute in many ways to our nation transformation”, President Kagame urged the youth.


The Minister of Defence, Hon James Kabarebe expressed his gratitude to Indangamirwa, Parents and all Stakeholders who contributed to the successful conduct of 10th edition of the civic education (Itorero Ingangamirwa). He disclosed that the Youth undertook a couple of subjects including civic education, history of Rwanda, martial arts and self-defence, weapons handling, map reading, day and night navigation, operation orders, intelligence and counter terrorism, among others.


 “These subjects have particular importance in modern world especially for the youth studying abroad, the training will shape their behaviour wherever they would be”, Minister of Defence said. Gen Kabarebe further noted that the training of Indangamirwa was initiated mainly following HE Paul Kagame’s guidance.


“It is in this regard that some of Indagamirwa expressed their desire to join the RDF; 65 through Officer Cadet Training at  Rwanda Military Academy; while 72 others requested to serve the nation under the RDF Reserve Force”, Gen Kabarebe said.


The Chairman of National Itorero Commission, Boniface Rucagu said that the 523 graduates of 10th Indangamirwa edition include 375 boys and 148 girls with 107 participants from 17 countries across the world.