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RDF hands over two Quick Impact Projects to Bugesera and Gicumbi Residents

Bugesera, 28 July 2017

In collaboration with local population, Rwanda Defence Force inaugurated and handed over officially a water supply project of over three kilometers long to Bugesera District. The quick impact project inaugurated on 28 July 2017 by 211 Brigade Commander Col Bertin CYUBAHIRO MUKASA together with Mayor of Bugesera District Mr. Emmanuel NSANZUMUHIRE will benefit more than 3000 people.

The water supply system constructed under the RDF Army Week Quick Impact Project Initiative will serve the residents of Kabaha, Rwangara and Rugarama villages of Kanzenze cell in Ntarama Sector. “This infrastructure will serve about three thousand residents of Kabaha, Rwangara and Rugarama villages, who had to travel more than one kilometer to fetch water and sometimes spend the whole day waiting on long queues to access water”, disclosed Ntarama Executive Secretary, Mukantwari Bertride.

During the execution of this project RDF employed both human resource and financial resources, whereby in terms of financial resources the RDF employed 20 million Rwandan francs including RDF members who had to participate in day-to-day activities until the completion of the project.

Presiding over the inauguration ceremony, 211 Brigade Commander Col Bertin CYUBAHIRO MUKASA thanked Kanzenze Cell Residents for their commitment during the execution of water supply project. He went further appreciating efforts of all Partners including Bugesera District leadership, Ntarama sector and Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC).

He further more urged the beneficiaries in particular and authorities in their capacities to make sure that given infrastructure is well maintained. “The only thing you need to understand about RDF is that, when you are healthy we feel much happier, whereas when you are not healthy we feel that we need to do something for you and that is why this project was brought to you” said Col Mukasa.

The Mayor of Bugesera District Mr. Emmanuel NSANZUMUHIRE appreciated RDF contribution to the wellbeing of Bugesera Residents. The Army week activities in Bugesera include the inaugurated water supply system, cultivation of 600ha plantation of vegetables on the different wetland around Bugesera, 500ha of sweat potatoes planted in Bugesera and army week medical outreach conducted for the last two months.

“Your interventions revive lives of our people and make them prosperous I thank you so much” Mayor Nsanzumuhire appreciated.

Gicumbi District

The same quick impact project to uplift social welfare of Rwandans were also inaugurated in Gicumbi District, Mukarange Sector where 503 acting Brigade Commander, Lt Col Claver Kirenga inaugurated Mutarama nursery school constructed by RDF in collaboration with Mukarange Residents.

Through Army week 2017 Quick Impact Project Initiative, the RDF injected more than ten million Rwandan francs to construct two rooms of Mutarama Nursery School inaugurated on 28 July 2017 in Mukarange, Gicumbi District.