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RDF hands over three clean water points to Kicukiro Residents

Kicukiro, 03 August 2017

Rwanda Defence Force has officially handed over three water points constructed at water network of 1.5 Km to benefit 249 families of Kagasa Cell, residents of Gafunzo, Kiyanja and Kabidandi Villages in Gahanga Sector, Kicukiro District.

The three clean water point projects inaugurated have been constructed by the RDF 204 Brigade under the auspices of RDF Army week 2017 Quick Impact Project initiative.

The inauguration of Quick Impact Project held in Kagasa Cell  was graced by the Mayor of Kicukiro District Dr Nyirahabimana Jeanne and the 204 Brigade Commander Brig Gen Denis Rutaha.

The Mayor of Kicukiro, Dr Nyirahabimana commended Rwanda Defence Force for patriotism and working hand in hand with Rwandans for social economic development of Rwanda.

“Rwanda Defence Force provides security but they don’t stop there because they do participate also in social – economic activities, you recall the activities undertaken in Army Week that include medical, infrastructure development and beyond that, today you have clean water ”, Dr Nyirahabimana said.

On behalf of the RDF Leadership, the 204 Brigade Commander, Brig Gen Denis Rutaha told Kagasa Residents that the RDF is at the front of addressing human security and development.

“RDF is happier because you have got clean water, therefore take care of it”. Brig Gen Rutaha said before advising the beneficiaries of Clean Water Point Project to have water tanks to deal with water shortage;  “look for the reservoirs to store enough water that can last for one week at least ”,  he advised.

The WASAC National Level Coordinator WASH and Rural Water Program, Karangwa Lambert who was present at the function assured the people of Kagasa Cell that though the demand of clean water in City of Kigali remains, “WASAC will make sure you fetch at least twice a week”, he promised Kagasa Residents.

The RDF injected in the inaugurated clean water point projects about 15,000,000 Frw plus labor from local population and from members of RDF 204 Brigade.