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Two soldiers get life imprisonment for shooting to death a civilian in Gikondo  


Kicukiro, 06 October 2017
The Military Tribunal ruled out life imprisonment for Pte Ishimwe J Claude and Pte Nshimyumukiza J Pierre, who shot death Late Ntivuguruzwa Aimé Yvan, 28 years, in the night of 9-10 May 2017, in Gikondo area, Kigarama Sector, Kicukiro District. The ruling was held at the crime scene, Gikondo area, on 6 October 2017.

The president of the panel of judges in these proceedings, Maj Charles SUMANYI explained to the audience that Pte Ishimwe J Claude and Pte Nshimyumukiza J Pierre were supposed to be on their given patrol duties in Gikondo area, but deviated to the nearby bar where they got drunk and thereafter brutally shot to death Late Ntivuguruzwa.

According to the Military Tribunal verdict, Pte Ishimwe J Claude and Pte Nshimyumukiza J Pierre are convicted for murder, extortion by violence or constraint, degrading or damaging property belonging to others, illegal use of firearm and insubordination. The Military Tribunal ruled out that as per Rwandan Penal Code, such offences deserve life imprisonment. The offenders were subjected to pay more than 18 million Rwandan Francs as compensation for damages caused by the death of Late Ntivuguruzwa Yvan.

The Military Tribunal stated that, the culprits committed the offences in their own account, without any instructions from the employer (Ministry of Defence) “The Law of 2011 determining missions, organisation and powers of the Rwanda Defence Force function” is clear, their role is to protect people, not to harm them, so the Government of Rwanda (Ministry of Defence) is not eligible to pay any compensation” ruled the Military Tribunal.

The petitioners have the right to appeal the verdict within 30 days from the day the tribunal pronounced this judgment.