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Rwandan Peacekeepers decorated in Central Darfur

Zalingei, 19 October 2017 -

Rwanda peacekeepers (RWANBATT48) serving under African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation (UNAMID) in Central Darfur, Sudan on 19 October 2017 were decorated with UN Peacekeeping medal in recognition of their contribution to maintaining  peace and stability in Darfur. The medal decoration ceremony was held at Rwanbatt48 Headquarters in ZALINGEI, Central Darfur in Sudan.

The medals award ceremony was presided over by Maj Gen Fida Hussain Maalik Deputy Force Commander on behalf of UNAMID Joint Special Representative (JSR).

“Today is a remarkable day that the United Nations has set aside to express its appreciation to the Gallant Officers, Men and Women of Rwanbatt48, for their dedication to duty, high level of professionalism and above all, their contribution towards the overall success of the UNAMID mission and the Peace Keeping operation in Darfur”, he said while presenting the UN Peacekeeping Medals to Rwandan troops on behalf of the UNAMID Joint Special Representative.

Maj Gen Fida Hussain Maalik who is also the Acting UNAMID Force Commander commended Rwandan Peacekeepers for conducting humanitarian assistance and quick impact projects to the people of Darfur.

“I am proud to say that Rwanbatt48 has excelled in their role as loyal, dedicated and committed Peacekeepers in the Sector Central of the UNAMID Area of Operations. I am aware that you have undertaken several quick impact projects in your Areas of responsibility since your deployment, to name but few, the construction of women conference hall in Nerititi Team Site”, he proudly reported before adding “emergency medical cases reported by the locals to your Level 1 Hospital were given the urgent attention it deserves”.

He also thanked the Government of Rwanda for its significant contribution and sustained commitment to UN Peacekeeping operations.

In his remarks, the Rwanbatt48 Commanding Officer, Lt Col Fidel BUTARE congratulated Rwanbatt48 Officers, Men and women for their discipline and professionalism for the last ten months on duty.

“I am pleased to note that, this medal award will be regarded extraordinary as a motivation, which will contribute greatly in executing with renewed commitment to the protection of Civilians as well as discharging other duties as required by the UNAMID mandate; we pledge to double our efforts in the remaining months before we finish our tour of duty”, Rwanbatt 48 Commanding Officer noted.

Lt Col Fidel BUTARE also thanked fellow colleagues with whom they worked together in both Zalingei and Nerititi Team Sites and the community of Zalingei and Nerititi in general, for their support to Rwanbatt48. 

Before concluding his remarks, he reminded the troops under his command to always uphold the UN values.