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RDF Command and Staff College organises National Cultural Displays

Musanze, 13 January 2018

The Rwanda Defense Force Command and Staff College (RDFCSC) has organized on 13 January 2018 their annual national cultural displays to help the College’s Students Officers to understand the relationship between national traditions, cultures and values with security. The cultural festival, aimed at making RDF CSC Students to be full conversant with the importance of culture in strategic studies was attended by 47 students from Czech Republic, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia.
“Today is an opportunity to display the high standards of awareness and tolerance of intercultural differences the students have reached in sharing different cultural experiences, the education and social networking. This helps them to live together, to work jointly and to share everything”, Major General Jean Bosco KAZURA, the RDFCSC Commandant told the invited Guests of the 2018 Cultural Festival displays in Musanze District.

The RDFCSC leadership that organizes this annual important event since 2016 has a conviction that understanding the importance of culture has become a fundamental variable in understanding and solving strategic security challenges.

Major Ondrej ABONYI one of the Senior Command and Staff Course intake 06 at RDFCSC in Nyakinama-Musanze told the media that it was a great occasion to share experience and cultures with his fellow students from the African continent. “It was a great experience for me as one European student here, I had a rare opportunity to share many things with my colleagues from ten countries here. It was great experience to share and test different food, dances, music, drinks and I am proud for hosting lot Rwandans and Guests to test products from Czech Republic”, he proudly said while looking very excited and happy to be part of the event.

All the military Officers, students of Senior Command and Staff Course 06, displayed different aspects of their national cultures that include language, cuisines, social habits, music and arts, dances, and local products.

Speaking on behalf of his fellow students as course senior, Lt Col Steven KAYIGUMIRE from RDF said that cultural diversity and awareness help military officers from different Defense Forces better work together. “Values and norms are important aspect of culture. No country operates alone, awareness of cultures helps to obtain the collective strength”.