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The Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) competition involving Officer-Cadets from 23 military academies across the world was organized in Sanremo, Italy from 19-23 March 2018. 

The Rwandan delegation, led by Major Augustin Hodali was comprised of three Officer-Cadets (O/Cdts) from the Rwanda Military Academy, Gako namely O/cdt Arielle Ingabire SEKAMANA, O/cdt Micheal NSENGIYUMVA and O/cdt Nelson NDAHIRO.


In this annual competition, the academies provided teams of three Officer-Cadets from top military academies around the world that were evaluated on the basic knowledge and understanding of the critical importance of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in multinational military operations. 

In order to achieve the aim of this competition, the cadets were divided into multinational mixed teams representing fictional countries involved in an escalating international armed conflict. The competition had 2 phases including a preliminary phase and a practical phase. 

The preliminary phase had interactive lectures on aspects of LOAC and an evening of cultural exhibition. In this regard, the Rwandan Team exhibited the uniqueness of Rwandan culture, the current national development, agricultural and artistic items made in Rwanda. The participants overwhelmingly enjoyed the Rwandan stand. 

The practical phase was conducted in the format of simulated Joint Operation Centers (JOC) with involved Cadets required to assess scenarios of armed conflict and provide legal advises on appropriate responses basing on legal and military skills. 

The Cadets were evaluated on their knowledge of LOAC, effective communication, effective team work and the ability to merge various diplomatic, legal and military imperatives. From this highly and professional competition, Officer-Cadet Arielle Ingabire SEKAMANA was declared the overall cadet of the 17th LOAC Competition, the first time an officer cadet from an African country wins this prestigious contest. 

Additionally, Rwandan Officer-Cadets Arielle INGABIRE SEKAMANA and Nelson NDAHIRO were part of the overall best mixed teams of the competition. The victorious RDF delegation will return back to Rwanda tomorrow Saturday 24 March 2018.