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RDF contributes to address overcrowded classrooms and health challenges

Kigali, 20 June 2018

One of the major challenges faced by the Rwandan Education Sector is overcrowded classrooms with some schools accommodating 60 to 80 students in one room. This problem is being addressed during the ongoing RDF Citizen Outreach Programme 2018 (RDF COP 2018) in close collaboration with other Government Institutions and Local Citizens. 

RDF members and citizens conducting construction of 12 classrooms at Groupe Scolaire Kagugu, Gasabo District

Currently 206 classrooms are under construction across the country and some of them reached the finishing stage in different districts such as Kayonza, Gatsibo in Eastern Province. Classrooms are at a sounding elevation stage in Gasabo and Kamonyi Districts.

4 Classrooms constructed during RDF COP 2018 at Ruramira Secondary School in Kayonza District

Kayonza District Mayor J Claude Murenzi thanks RDF for constructed classrooms at Ruramira Secondary School

Habanabashaka J Baptist, Director at Groupe Scolaire Kagugu in Gasabo District, testified to Media that the joint initiative by RDF and citizens to construct classrooms is very timely. He said that GS Kagugu had reached 80 students per class and used morning and afternoon shift method to deal with the problem.

Currently 12 modern classrooms are under construction at the School. “This will reduce overcrowded classrooms and impact on quality of our education. RDF is doing right because the development commence with these young students” he said.

At Groupe Scolaire Mbati in Kamonyi District, classrooms accommodate from 60 to 70 students. To address this, 7 classrooms are currently under construction and this will reduce the classroom congestion down to 50 students.


7 classrooms under construction at Groupe Scolaire Mbati, Mugina Sector in Kamonyi District

The standard and target classroom occupation is 45 students per class in the near future according to School Authorities.

Other RDF COP Activities 

Mukakimenyi Epiphanie, 51 Yrs and mother of 4 children is one of the patients who testified to RDF Media at Ruhango Hospital that she suffered a Rectal Polyp disease that she developed 12 years back and was not able to afford treatment. She underwent free surgery 2 days back by RDF medics and said she already feels very well and happy, “I commend this RDF program that support the poor people” she said. 

    Medical services at Ruhango Hospital

So far since RDF COP 2018 was launched on 20 April, 39,907 patients were treated countrywide, 17,784 Male circumcisions were performed and 2,006 Voluntary Counseling and Testing of HIV performed.

In agriculture, 204.5 ha of sweet potatoes, 407.6 ha of Irish potatoes and 459.9 ha of vegetables were cultivated countrywide. In shelter provision to the vulnerable, 1,493 houses are currently under construction in different parts of the country and 588 toilets have been constructed for poor families.

The current 2018 ‘RDF Citizen Outreach Programme’ was organised in collaboration with MINALOC, MINEDUC, MOH, MINAGRI and MIGEPROF.