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President Paul Kagame inaugurates Horezo model village to mark Liberation Day

Muhanga, 4 July 2018-

The 24 Liberation Day was celebrated at national level on 04 July 2018 in Rongi Sector, Muhanga District. At his arrival, the Guest of Honour of the Day, His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic and Commander-In-Chief of Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) started by inaugurating Horezo Integrated Development Project, a model village located in Ruhango Cell, Rongi Sector in Muhanga District.

In his speech, HE the President recalled that the liberation struggle on the battlefield succeeded because of unity and cooperation between the Rwanda Patriotic Army and the citizens. He commended the spirit of unity for national transformation.

“The liberation struggle on the battlefield succeeded because those who were fighting worked with citizens. It is this spirit of unity that we want to maintain in order to transform this country”, the Head of State noted before disclosing that the Government has the responsibility of providing the needs of its citizens nearby; “for citizens that continue to travel long distances and cross borders to look for services, it is our responsibility to ensure that we do everything we can to be able to provide what you need near you.”

Before concluding his speech, the Head of State urged Muhanga residents and beneficiaries of decent homes in the inaugurated model village to build on what they have acquired and develop themselves in the national transformation journey. “You should not expect government to take care of all your needs. The next step should not be helping the same people over and over but to move on to helping others… let us continue this liberation struggle towards achieving transformation, safeguarding what we have achieved and upholding our dignity and unity”, he concluded.

In his earlier remarks, Hon Minister of Defence, Gen James Kabarebe also commended the civil military cooperation in the liberation process and national transformation under the visionary leadership of HE Paul Kagame the President of the Republic and Commander-In-Chief of the RDF.

“Such infrastructure inaugurated here today in Rongi Sector that are aimed at transforming Rwandans' lives were also developed in Rubaya, Rweru, Vunga where national Liberation Day was celebrated in 2015, 2016, 2017 respectively. Under your guidance, Your Excellency, we have realized that the cooperation between the RDF and citizens enables us to address the needs of our people in short time and at a lower cost; the RDF will continue to work together with other institutions and local population in providing these development projects aimed at transforming for the good Rwandans welfare”.

On behalf of the relocated families and residing in the exemplary Horezo model village, Musabyimana Antoinette expressed her deep gratitude to the President of the Republic for having offered them decent homes. 

“I was living in high risk zone in poor living conditions, with no basic infrastructure like clean water, sanitation and health services. I could not sleep during the rainy season fearing flooding of our house, our lives were at high risk… I have no words to thank you…”

The exemplary model village built by the RDF in partnership with other Government Institutions consist of eight housing units constructed as four in one unit, a multipurpose hall, health post, modern school, early childhood development centres, dining hall, playground, administration block, rain water harvesting drainage channel. The model village has also developed infrastructure of a 13,5km road within and one helipad. Horezo model village together with Kanyenyenyeri model village located in Ngororero District will benefits 100 families relocated from high risk zones.