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RDF Citizen Outreach Programme 18 extends until Mid-September 2018

Kigali, Thursday, 02 August 2018

Kigali, Thursday, 02 August 2018

The Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) has extended its Citizen Outreach Programme 2018 (COP 18) up till Mid-September 2018 in order to better continue addressing existing human security challenges in agriculture and construction sectors. The progress of the programme in the above two areas have been delayed by recent heavy rains and the transition period between the two financial years.

On the other side, the medical outreach services offered under RDF COP 18 have however been concluded on 31 July 18 as earlier planned with its set target achieved at 83.7% due to financial constraints. While measures to address similar limitations in the future are being addressed, the impact of medical services was significant considering the number of patients treated and the period in which they were carried out. This part of the RDF COP 18 gave the opportunity to the patients in remote areas, those with serious medical cases and the vulnerable to be treated, all for free.

The COP 18 extended period will allow RDF and stakeholders to focus on humanitarian activities on house construction and agriculture. House construction will help reduce the number of families without shelter especially in the West and South Provinces which were mostly affected by heavy rain. The target of agricultural activities was successfully achieved beyond set targets but will continue in order to allow preparation of enough land for season A through mechanization.

To date, the RDF COP 18 has made tremendous achievements in improving the well-being of Rwandans. One of Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) missions as provided in article 10 of the law determining the force’s mission, organization and powers; is to participate in humanitarian activities in case of disasters and to contribute to the development of the country.

In his speech in Muhanga District (Horezo Model Village) during the 24th National Liberation commemorations on 4 July 2018, His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic and Commander-In-Chief of RDF emphasized that “The liberation struggle on the battlefield succeeded because those who were fighting worked with citizens. It is this spirit of unity that we want to maintain in order to transform this country”. Click here for current updates on RDF COP 18 achievements.