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RDF medics partner with US Army doctors in Medical Readiness Exercise

17 August 2018

The Rwanda Military Hospital (RMH) is hosting a group of twenty (20) US Army medical personnel working alongside the Rwandans counterparts to learn together as part of the ongoing Medical Readiness Exercise (MEDRETE) that started on Tuesday 14 and due to continue up to 29 August 2018.

Colonel Douglas A. Phillips, Team Leader of the MEDRETE informed the RDF media team that he brought surgeons, nurses, medical technicians with different specialties as per the collaboration with the RDF in terms of medical management of patients. The team is working in different areas at RMH located in Kigali. So far, they have conducted over twenty (20) successful surgeries and the number is still growing.

“We began by discussions with RDF doctors to better understand their needs and then move forward to provide medical care. It’s more of collaboration as the purpose is not teaching them to do like we do.” said Col Phillips.

Colonel Dr E Ngoga of the RMH noted that this is a great opportunity as the hospital’s mission is to provide quality care to the patients. “RDF is always committed to better manage and treat patients at this hospital, out there in the field and specifically in peacekeeping missions. We aim at always improving our services as much as we can, and the best way to do this is by exchanging skills and knowledge. Patients have and will benefit from this exercise because we have extra-hands and extra brain with US Army Doctors.” said Col Dr Ngoga.

He said that their visitors have lauded the RMH’s services that need to be maintained and upgraded; stressing that through the existing partnership between the two Armed Forces, RDF medical personnel attend different courses and specialized trainings in the United States of America.