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Fifteen Rwanda Air Force personnel conclude Force Development training

Kigali, 27 September 2018

Fifteen (15) senior and junior officers from Rwanda Air Force concluded a ten-day workshop on Force Development Programme organised in partnership with by the United States Air Force Europe and Africa (USAFE-AFAFRICA). The workshop was concluded on this Thursday 27 September 2018 by Lt Col Christophe Semuhungu on behalf of the Rwanda Air Force Chief of Staff, Maj Gen Charles Karamba.

The focus of the training was to provide more in-depth discussions on subject areas of interest identified by the Rwanda Air Force related to force structure and projected growth; discuss recruiting, retention, and retirement systems; discuss basic military training and officer accession programmes; discuss technical training and upgrade training.

In his closing remarks, Lt Col Semuhungu thanked both trainers and trainees for a work well done, adding that their discussions will benefit Rwanda Air Force as trainees will put into practice what they have learnt.

“Learning was through discussions and experience sharing. US Air Force is experienced in terms of Human Resource management with their engagements around the World; but at the end of the day we all learnt from each other,” he said.

Major Chris Noumba of the Office of Defense Cooperation Chief at the US Embassy in Kigali thanked the participants for sharing experiences.

The Government of Rwanda and Rwanda Defence Force has reached out to the United States Government to engage in this workshop and this military to military engagement within a framework of what is known as African Peacekeeping Rapid Response Partnership that is assisting Rwanda in building capacity to continue to be among the world’s troop contributing countries for peacekeeping operations,” said Maj Noumba.

The A1 theater Defence Cooperation Program was composed of different phases including one that took place in Germany in October 2017 where four Senior and Junior Officer from Rwanda Air force participated.