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RDF takes on water well drilling as part of capacity building

Muhanga, 01 December 2018

Through the ongoing RDF professional capacity development, the RDF Engineering Brigade acquired capacity to drill and purify water wells. The capacity is being tested to serve more than eight hundred soldiers of Mushishiro barracks and residents of Gitwa village, Matyazo cell in Mushishiro Sector of Muhanga District.

This is one of five phases that will be established around the country; in line with RDF capacity building. Apart from helping soldiers and citizens especially in remote areas; this will reduce expenses on water even on the side of Ministry of Defence.

Colonel Faustin Kalisa, the RDF Engineering Brigade chief, expressed gratitude saying that the welfare of RDF soldiers and citizens in general is the primary responsibility of the brigade.

“Once the water well is complete; not only will soldiers benefit from it, but also citizens neighbouring the barracks. Primarily, it will serve the army; but also RDF has a task of improving the welfare of citizens,” Colonel Kalisa said.

After undergoing a hydro-survey stage, and water borehole drilling; pump-testing step is the last to run, which is viewed as 80% of the work. 

More sites are in lens of RDF Engineering Brigade to be exploited as pilot phase in West, East, North and Kigali City.

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