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Rwanda Defence Force soldiers undergo physical fitness test

Kigali, 01 March 2019

Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) continues the conduct of the quarterly Physical Fitness Tests (PFT) programme that is annually done by the active soldiers to test their military strength performance. This Friday, more than a hundred juniors officers and NCOs gathered at Kami military barracks in Gasabo District.

This exercise which is currently ongoing with other army officers will continue until all members of RDF have participated.

“Physical fitness testing was previously conducted once in a year between July and June. However, the schedule was pushed forward due to the outreach program expected this summer,” said Major Aimee Nzitonda, Staff Officer at J9.

Nzitonda added that because citizen outreach program happens annually with the same period as PFT programme, RDF decided to bring closer the exercises so that all program go well and uninterrupted.

“PFT builds the fitness and sporting lifestyle among RDF military task force which makes soldiers healthier as an end-result. The annual exercises bring team spirits, builds competitiveness, boosts morale and improves the body immune system of the body therefore minimizing the non-communicable diseases,” he added.

The physical fitness evaluation targets all serving soldiers respectively from high ranking to the bottom. Its evaluation is based on the two major tools mainly age of a soldier and gender.

RDF’s standing operating procedures regulation determines the military fitness performance that requires an active soldier to be physically fit. 

Capt Ildephonse Buseruka, is a participant who says that PFT helps soldiers perform feasibly their daily military tasks. “It helps us reduce stress and strengthens us our body,” he said.

Lt Judith Ingabire, is a female participant who notes that for a female soldier to stay fit requires her to perform exercises routinely.

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