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Kwibohora25: Rwandan Peacekeepers celebrate Liberation Day

Rwandan communities in peacekeeping missions in Central African Republic under MINUSCA, in South Sudan under UNMISS and in Sudan under UNAMID, joined to the rest of Rwandans to mark the 25th national liberation anniversary.

In all mission areas, Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) was joined by Rwanda National Police (RNP) and Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS) along with the Rwandan Diaspora in celebrations that we marked with military parades and traditional dances. 

In Central African Republic where the local population had joined to Rwandans at SOCATEL M’POKO where the Minister of Defence Marie Noelle KOYARA commended the Rwanda Defence Force for their high professionalism, skills and discipline as she wishes the Central African Army to learn from RDF.

Rwandan Peacekeepers working under the United Nations Mission in the Republics of South Sudan and Sudan with Rwandans working in both countries and friends of Rwanda gathered in El Fasher, Nertiti, Juba and Malakal to celebrate.

The Deputy SRSG in charge of Humanitarian, Alain Wilfrid thanked the Rwandan peacekeepers and Rwandan Community in Juba, noting that the United Nations stand with solidarity with people of Rwanda. “Your country that has recovered rightfully, it is now the source of pride and comfort for the people and the government of Rwanda,” he said also o commending Rwanda for its exemplary role in the international community.

On the other hand, Rwandan contingent lead by Brig Gen Eugene NKUBITO in collaboration with the leadership of Juba City, conducted a community work with intent to clean city of Juba ahead of the upcoming independence day of Republic of South Sudan due to be celebrated on 9 July 2019.

Currently, Rwanda is the 2nd biggest TCC in support of UN PSO and RDF maintains 5 Infantry Battalions, a Mechanised Infantry Battalion, a Mechanized Infantry Battle Group, an Aviation Unit and a Level II hospital serving under UNAMID, UNMISS and MINUSCA with a total of 5,342 military personnel.