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ZIGAMA CSS to prioritise innovation and technology in its service delivery

Kigali, 29 November 2019

ZIGAMA CSS General Assembly members convened today at RDF Headquarters, Kimihurura and discussed the current financial status of the cooperative as well as the next year's business plan.

The 32nd General Assembly was officially opened by Hon Minister of Defence, Maj Gen Albert Murasira who wished members to come up with fruitful deliberations to continue developing their cooperative.

ZIGAMA CSS is targeting to increase its Net Profit from 10 Billion this year to 12 Billion next year compared to last year's 9 Billion.

  “We are happy that our members have embraced the culture of savings and efficiently pay back their loans. We look forward to focusing on technology and innovation to ease our service delivery. We are also developing a project to construct affordable houses for our members” said the Chairman of Board of Directors, Dr James Ndahiro while addressing Media.