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The President of the Republic of Rwanda and Commander-in-Chief of RDF donates cows to vulnerable families in Burera District

Burera, 9 December 2020

HE President Paul Kagame and the Commander in Chief (C-in-C) of Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) has donated 20 cows to vulnerable families in Cyanika Sector, Burera District.
The Governor of Northern Province, Gatabazi JMV accompanied by the Regional Reserve Force Commander- (Nothern Province), Maj Gen Eric Murokore handed over the cows to the locals, on behalf of the President of the Republic, during a function held at Kabyiniro Cell, Cyanika Sector.

In their remarks, the abovementioned leaders thanked the local population for their active role and contribution to the security as well as the socio-economic development in their area.

Governor Gatabazi JMV said that the excellent collaboration and cooperation existing between the security organs, the local leaders and the residents of Burera District have actively contributed to safeguard the territorial integrity and to prevent crimes such as illegal border crossing, smuggling and drug abuse that are common in that region bordering with Uganda.

He added that HE President Kagame's donation was an encouragement to the locals to keep the momentum. He further told the beneficiaries:
“The cows you have received today are a symbol of love, unity and progress you displayed to achieve security and socio-economic development in your area”

Replying to the Governor, a joyful Uwimana Marie Chantal, mother of 5 children said after receiving her cow: “My family, especially the children will benefit from HE the President's donation and the milk from the received cow will improve the health of my children and will also contribute to improve our livestock and farming”.