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MOD Basket ball team wins the Labor Day tournament

On a score of 70-56, the Ministry of Defense (MOD) Basket ball team defeated BRALIRWA on Saturday 1st May, at Amahoro stadium. The military team was awarded a cup, and an envelope of two hundred thousand Rwandan Francs.

Ministry of Defence opposed BRALIRWA at the finals of the tournament organized by ARST (Rwanda Association of labor sports) in accordance with the Ministry of Public Service and labor to celebrate the International Labor Day on 1st May.

Charles Mbazumutima, the MOD team Captain said that they preferred to engage enough energy in the first part of the game which ended by a difference of twenty points in favor of military team.

BRALIRWA with determined young players didn’t succeed to change the situation, though they managed to reduce the difference to fourteen points at the end of the match.

On the other side, the MOD Volley ball team won the second place after losing the final match with Caisse Sociale du Rwanda. The Military Volley ball team got an award of one hundred thousand Rwandan francs.

J. Luc Ndayikengurukiye, former APR Volley ball coach, recently recruited in Caisse Sociale challenged the absence of some institutions that were due to participate in the tournament, "If they don’t come to enjoy an entertainment like this, then where else do they get time to play", he said.

The tournament is annually organized by ARST and the Ministry of Public Service and Labor with an aim of enhancing friendship among different institutions, public and private, and as well initiating individuals to get a habit of doing sports to safeguard their fitness at work.