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At the end of 1992, during cease fire RPF/RPA Inkotanyi organized a soccer tournament between battalions/brigades to promote games and sports within the RPA.

The following teams participated in the tournament:

• High Command Team

• Training Wing Team

• Alpha Team

• Bravo Team

• Charlie Team

• 7th BN Team

• 21st BN Team

• 59th BN Team

• 101 BN Team

• 157 BN Team

The High Command Team won the tournament beating 21st BN.

In June 1993, best players selected from the above 10 teams were brought together to form APR FC. The same year, both APR Volleyball and Basketball clubs were created.



APR FC Vs PSD (at Mulindi): 2 – 0 APR FC Vs Inkhata (at Mulindi): 2 – 1


APR Vb Vs PSD (at Mulindi): 3 – 2 APR Vb Vs PSD (at Mulindi): 3 – 2

After 1994 genocide, the APR joined the existing clubs to revive football in Rwanda. Since then, APR FC has grown to become one of the champions in Rwanda National League. Besides Football, Volley ball and Basketball, other disciplines have since been introduced i.e. APR Karate Do, APR Athletics and APR Handball involving both men and women teams.


• To have physically and mentally healthy service personnel.

• To promote all sorts of games in all Units.

• To improve public relations.


APR Football Club:

Most of the Cups in the Football tournaments in Rwanda and in the region, were won by APR FC, including the following:

• National League Championship of 2007.

• Coupe de la Paix.

• ROTO Rwanda Cup.

• 2nd Runner up for Kigali Centenary Commemoration Cup.

• 2nd Runner up for CECAFA KAGAME Cup held in Dar es Salaam

APR Volleyball Club:

APR Volleyball Club had excellent performances winning the following Cups:

• National League Championship 2007.

• Rwanda Cup.

• RUTSINDURA Memorial Tournament.

• National Heroes Tournament.

• Beach Volley Tournament held in Nairobi.

APR Men’s Basket Ball Club

For the first time APR Basketball club (representing Rwanda) won Zone 5 Cup in 2007, which led to qualify for CAN clubs. Other achievements include the following trophies:

• Winner Heroes Tournament Cup.

• Winner Great Lakes Tournament held in Burundi.

• Winner 6th Place CAN Club Championship held in Angola.

• Winner GISEMBE Memorial Cup.

APR Women’s Basket Ball Club

Since its inception in 2005, it has had good performances including winning the following tournaments and trophies:

• National Championship League Cup.

• Winning the Play-Off Cup.

• 2nd Runner up for GISEMBE Memorial Cup.

• Winning the Heroes Tournament Cup.

APR Athletics Club

APR AC started in 1995 and has since developed to become a competitive club in the international competitions sponsored by OSMA, CISM and ECALO. Some of the achievements include:

• 2nd position in the 1998 "ascension du Mont Cameroun".

• 1st position in the 1999 "ascension du Mont Cameroun".

• 2nd position in the 2001 "ascension du Mont Cameroun".

• 2nd position in the 2002 Cross Country in Lebanon

• 1st position in the 2003 World Wide Competition in France.

More to follow in the next edition