Rwanda Military Academy Gako Campus is located at 50 Km SE of Kigali City and 20Km from the Burundian Border. The school is constructed in a military domain of about 30 sq km. The infrastructure that accommodates the Academy was established in early 1960’s as a detachment for soldiers of the then “Garde National”. In 1974 it was transformed into a training center for recruit.

After the 1994 liberation war, the centre was used as a re-organisation area for the former Rwandese Government Forces (Ex-FAR) who were later integrated in the RPA now the Rwanda Defence Force.

In 1999, it became Gako School of Infantry and admitted the first Cadet intake. The School developed into the present Rwanda Military Academy in the year 2000 with the assistance of the Kenya Military Advisory Training Team (KMATT). The Academy offered Command and Staff Courses at different Officer and NCO’s levels until 2001 when RMA Nyakinama Campus was established.

To day Rwanda Military Academy Gako Trains Commanders at level of Company, Platoon and Cadet Officers. It also conducts PSO pre-deployment training for units preparing for Peacekeeping missions.


To train RDF Officers in middle level Command Courses in order to promote proficiency and efficiency, hence enhancing professionalism in the Rwanda Defence Forces.


RMA Gako runs the following courses:

Company Commanders’ Course

• Aim: To equip potential Company Commanders with necessary knowledge and skills to Command, control, manage and train an Infantry Company both in war and peace time.

• Eligibility: Senior captains and young majors

• Duration: 16 weeks

Platoon Commanders Course

• Aim: To equip young officers with necessary skills and knowledge required to command, train and administer an Infantry platoon.

• Eligibility: Lieutenants

• Duration: 16 Weeks.

Officer Formative Course

• Aim: The course is designed for officers who promoted without passing cadet training. It aims at providing the officers with basics of officership.

• Eligibility: Lt-Capt

• Duration: 12 weeks.

Cadet Training

• Eligibility: Civilians aged between 18-21 years, education S6 level at least, no criminal record, physically fit. NCOs who volunteer and pass entry tests are also eligible.

• Duration: 12 months.

The Academy also presents PSO training for Battalions earmarked for peacekeeping missions. The aim is to equip the Bn with necessary skills and knowledge to enable it successfully operate in mission area.