RAF - Rwanda Air Force

About RAF


The Rwanda Air Force is one of the services that comprise the RDF. It is a young organization that has been growing operational capabilities since 1996.

At its inception the Rwanda Air Force was charged with defending Rwandan Air space, offer intimate support to the Rwandan Army, support related civilian agencies in the airspace management function while at the same time, building a fully fledged Air Force. The Rwanda Air Force has been playing complementary roles in special areas like disaster response, fire fighting, VIP transportation, rescue and others.

Mission Statement

MISSION To carry out military air operations to advance Rwanda’s security interests, with professionalism, integrity and teamwork.

VISION One team with single-minded commitment and ready to conduct Air Operations effectively and efficiently during war and peace time.

RAF POSTURE Rwanda Air Force is a growing force guided by the principles of simplicity, economy, jointness and flexibility. RAF strategy is Defensive with a credible force that is capable of defending Rwandas Airspace against Aerial threats and respond to national security challenges.


To accomplish its primary and secondary roles, Rwanda Air Force is organised in five elements:

  • Air Bases 
  • Air Defence Regiment 
  • Security Regiment 
  • Air Support Services 
  • Service Schools