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Sector Juba commander lauds Rwandan peacekeepers under his command

Juba, 2 May 2019

Rwandan peacekeepers of Rwanbatt3 Region Protection Force (RDF 67 Infantry Mechanized Battalion) stationed in South Sudan’s capital city; Juba, welcomed the Sector Juba Commander Brig Gen Dessalegn Teshome Abitew at their Durupi camp.

Brig Gen Dessalegn had a short meeting with the Contingent Commander Col Vincent Mugisha in his office and thereafter was briefed on the security situation, operations conducted, current activities, sustainability, and challenges before touring the camp.

Speaking to Rwandan Peacekeepers, Brig Gen Dessalegn welcomed Rwanbatt3 peacekeepers in their mission area as he expressed his pleasure and confidence to command Rwandan peacekeepers, and wished them well. “After seeing how you executed assigned tasks in a short period of time at the same time conducting training, logistic and admin task, that pleases me and gives me confidence of having you under my command,” said Brig Gen Dessalegn.

The contingent started its tour of duty in March this year. They operate within UNMISS mandate framework and conducts various operations on daily basis that involves: patrols, protection of civilians including providing security into the POC3 camp (the home of about 28,000 most NUER IDPs);protection of UN key installations, protection of UN Equipment and personnel within the AOR; protection of national and international humanitarian actors.